Dr. Ciara Chambers

The impact of digitisation on film history research and education. 

This paper will explore recent digitisation initiatives and the impact of increased digital access to archival film and contextual content.  It will also consider the implications of screening contexts in educational settings. There will be a particular focus on the availability of difficult to access content through Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive and the consideration of how this type of resource has transformative potential in the field of film history education and research. The extensive digitisation of British newsreel content will also serve as a case study as the online accessibility of this material far surpasses the availability of any other national newsreel collection. There will be a consideration of how these resources might function as test cases for future digitisation strategies in the field of film education.  

Ciara Chambers is Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of Ulster and author of Ireland in the Newsreels (Irish Academic Press, 2012). She has worked on a number of archival and digitization projects with the British Universities’ Film and Video Council, Belfast Exposed Photography, Delargy Productions, the Nerve Centre, Northern Ireland Screen, Ulster Television, University College Cork and the Irish Film Archive.

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